My name is Chris

and I shared the last year with the most amazing person that ever walked this earth.
To say I loved Constanze would be to trivialize how I really felt.She was my world, she was my lover, my mentor and my friend. 
I keep trying to understand why this happened and I have no answers, all I can say is to her friends and family that she loved you all so very much. She was a gift to us all. She was a gauge to which we all try to measure ourselves by.
I have never met anyone who could touch so many people with just a single meeting.
She told me once that she could never be bored because she could just go for a little walk and look at the sky and the trees and have a great time.
I could’nt understand how anyone could be so positive. But if you spent time with her you could enjoy anything. 
The first word she tried to teach me in german was Angel, and I remember thinking that, that‘s what she was.

We had a pact that whenever we were apart we look up to the moon before we went to bed and say goodnight.When any of you feel the need to say hello or goodnight please do the same. She will be there looking and enjoying the world from a different Angle.
I treasured every single second I had with my Angel and she will be always with me.
There is no replacement for someone like Constanze. At the same time she gave me in one year what some people may never have in a whole lifetime. 

Thank you baby, thank you so much, part of me died with you when you passed away but I am still ten times more the man I was before I met you.
In time I will try to make you  proud of me again but for now I will contend to just remember you and remember the genuine love you gave me.
ICH LIEBE DICH Übersetzung