Dear Constanze

On the quest for my inner self you are one of the most wonderful gifts ever appeared to me.
I thank you.
I thank you for being such an adorable inspiration, helping me  to worship so many things, more than i did ever before.
Although only 4 months of close and intense friendship were given to us, how far beyond any ordinary life this seemed to me after all. 
You are one of the few who made it easy for me to leave our beloved Sydney  behind , only because i knew you’ll be waiting in Berlin.
I felt so excited to discover the city again with you, could not wait for having a coffee in a cafe, to continue our daily talks that we started way back in sydney.
I will never forget your helping advices, that brought „little Sophie“ back to reality.
Your exuberance and inner calmness were nothing but pure joy of life, a feeling that overwhelmed all of us.

4 months isn’t  a long time, but the intense, emotional moments we had are enough to fill a hundered years.

Never think  rationally if you love somebody and you want to share all your bliss and happiness. When it comes to expressing yourself, follow your heart, and ignore your brains.

Live for the moment, listen to your heart, and thats what we did.
And i promise you, i`ll continue that way for both of us. 
You are the piece of the puzzle that i have been looking for so long to continue.  And now that i found you, i`ll never let you go.
You are deep in my heart, deep in the hearts of your loving family, deep in the hearts of all your friends. 
Thank you for being here. Life never ends, it just changes. 
Yours Sophie Übersetzung